Separated & Divorced Ministry

The end of a marriage can be devastating to those who experience this type of loss. You are still loved and very welcome in our parish. We hope you continue to join us in worship and in parish life as you move from “what was” to “what is next”.


Saint Rose does not have a formal support group for separated and divorced individuals; however, the following area resources may be of interest:


Growing Through Loss Support Series

Saint Rose of Lima is part of the Twin Cities’ North Suburban Grief Support Coalition, which sponsors a six-week Spring and Fall “Growing Through Loss” series. The series provides an opportunity to obtain information and support for a variety of loss and grief issues including separation or divorce.


For more information call 763-755-5335 or click here:


Fidelium Divorce Support Group

This group is held monthly at the Church of St. Mark and is lead by Fr. Adam Tokashiki, PES. It is specifically for those who are in need of support who are either separated or civilly divorced (marriage not declared null), but still married to their spouse in the eyes of the Church. This would not be a group for those who have had a divorce declared invalid and are in need of healing from that relationship.


Location: Church of St. Mark, 1976 Dayton Ave., St. Paul

3rd Tuesday of each month

7:00 to 8:30 pm

For more information, call the Church of St. Mark at 651-645-5717


You are also always welcome to call Grace Koleczek, Pastoral Associate, at 651-357-1202 for individual spiritual support and more information.

Mass & Reconciliation

Saturday: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am
Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 am
Monday Communion Service: 8:00 am

SATURDAYS: 3:30 to 4:00 pm

Parish Office Phone: 651-645-9389