Financial Support

Saint Rose of Lima relies on the financial stewardship of all parishioners to be able to provide the ministries the people of God require and the ministry opportunities in which many participate.


We invite parishioners to consider making an annual pledge for the support of the parish when they first register and to renew that pledge annually.  We encourage people to give according to their ability and to strive to fulfill the biblical call to tithe, the 10%. In practice, half one’s tithe goes to parish support, the other half goes to all the other charities and good works people choose to support. A simple formula for the 5% is one dollar per Sunday per thousand dollars of annual income.  (Example: $25k/yr = $25/wk)   It may take some time to reach that level of giving, but that is the goal.


Throughout the year we provide monthly updates in the bulletin,  plus individual contribution statements in the spring, fall, and year end.  There is also an annual fall stewardship mailing with budget information and a pledge card for the following year.


Like any family, it is important to talk about finances at least once a year.  The pastor makes the pledge that he will talk about finances only one Sunday per year, usually in November, leaving the rest of the year to focus on the Gospel, as long as the congregation does their part in supporting the parish.  However, if finances become a problem, the congregation will need to hear about it.  (Very seldom in the past 10 years has the pastor had to bring up finances other than in November thanks to the commitment of the parishioners!)


Please call our parish office for additional information regarding parish finances and pledges at 651-645-9389.

Mass & Reconciliation

Saturday: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am
Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 am
Monday Communion Service: 8:00 am

SATURDAYS: 3:30 to 4:00 pm

Parish Office Phone: 651-645-9389